About Us

DENDUON is a product of two designers idea to let you be more creative, with less. By being playful and making new combinations, fashion can be more lasting and sustainable. 

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With many years experience from working with design in the fashion industry, we have extensive experience in tailoring, production and knowledge in materials and techniques. We have also knowledge from working with many different suppliers in the business and have broad and solid relations within production, and have handpicked the ones we work with.

The great is often in the details. With our trained eyes and experience we see both the whole and the details. We have the ability to see the little extra that can change the whole and can create perfect balance between the commercial and the trendy. Enjoy!

Our Company

The dynamic duo behind DENDUON are the two creatives Magdalena and Ulrika. The two swedes love what is style and trend but also playfulness and colour. Together they have over 30 (!) years of experience  in working professionally with fashion design. 

DENDUON started as a project made for fun, with the thought “let’s make accessories that us and our friends want”, with the ambition to fit the concept of the capsule wardrobe. To do more with less and by adding that one accessory, renew the look.  Sustainability and fashionable wear can be by being more creative with the clothing we have and combining it in different ways. Updating the look by mixing and changing the way one can wear it, rather than changing out pieces in the wardrobe according to current trend.